No Monopoly around us..ย 

If i discuss about the term ‘Monopoly‘ in terms of economics, then it is positive that Monopoly is not existing nowadays. There is competition which is beneficial for consumers. 

But if i ask whether there is monopoly in our surroundings, then it is skeptical issue. When we enter in any field, we can easily see around us any competitor. Even if we don’t want to compete, then also competing others remains the only sake for our reputation. Then we want to do something else and same thing happens… 

Things sometimes becomes complicated when we find any competitor who is just like our mirror image. Our personalities are same, and that makes us difficult to compete because it is like competing with ourself. I don’t know whether anyone have these moments or not.. 

But i want to say i have such moments. I met many people in my life who have similarities with me. But later those similarities had created distance between us. And after that happen, i used to remember one famous science fact, i.e, similar poles of magnet repels each other. Here poles means two people who have similarities. 

Sometimes when we meet any people who have similarities but have ‘better similarities’. Means they are better than us but still similar of us. This is i think positive because in this way we can work on ourself to become better then them๐Ÿ˜Š. But for some period, we can feel humiliated. 

Whatever type of similarities and people we used to face, one thing i just want to conclude:- Monopoly of our life is dead. Just like economics had declared its demise and nowadays explains its history in economics give honour to its grave. 

Now the only thing left is to fight hard and win in this tough competition. We must admit that in every field, whether it be personal or professional, we will meet many competitors. Then can be a different personality, or can be our clone. But we have no option left now. We have to face them and defeat them! 

With this post, i want to wish my readers all the best๐Ÿ‘. 

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