I can’t feel until i come in your shoes.. 

My friends and acquaintances often approach me to take advices on wherever they are stuck. This thing happens with many of you also. But are we so capable to give the accurate advice which can relieve someone?

Well not really. We can advice someone by comparing it with our experiences. Still we are unable to realize someone’s pain.

But later we get trapped in the same or similar like situation, we can actually feel what that person was feeling. Then we remember the advices we had once given. But they might work. Because now the problem is on our head. We will think again and again. But we will feel sticked. Just like that person who approached us for advice before.

So after this situation, it is concluded that we should never make fun or try to make things worse for those whose situation is messed up. Support them, may be you would not feel like they do. Because you are not in their shoes. But you will soon be..