Symmetric discrepancy 

Recently, i got one thought which made my mind to get indulge in another piece of work.
I was wondering that how and why god had created the structure of world.

On my one hand, i see the prosperous and established group of people or countries. They have everything for their leisure, even the natural resources and people’s life. They can play in whatever way they like. Their are no rules for same.

Then suddenly i see my other hand, seeming quite heavy as it have a bigger group of people or can say countries, who are ranging from mediocre to poor to very poor. They used to work very hard all day, still earn less than expected. They have to compromise for their livings. Their children are not so blessed to have good education. But they still survive. They have long list of rules and regulations, any person found contraventing it gets harsh punishment.

It is surprising as there is the perfect balance between both groups.

All i can say there is disparity as well as symmetry in our world..

Unaccepted, yet adopted..

13 thoughts on “Symmetric discrepancy 

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  2. You organised the contrast between the two states in a very honest and truthful manner.

  3. that is so true😇
    do chk out my blog if u wud like to❤

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