Humanism first!!

Recently i was reading some comments about one post one social networking site. Post was about one celebrity who had filed FIR on some people who were harassing here on social networks.

At first, she was trolled for disrespecting other religion. Finally the matter was bounced to feminism..

Every country gives some basic rights to every citizens, which is known as Human rights.

I don’t understand why we need to further divide those rights into genders.

As a human being, we have right to respond or express for whatever situation.

But always remember to take care of others emotions while reacting.

Maybe you are right in your way, but wrecking anyone’s reputation will definitely pay you later.

So in nutshell i want to convay one short message:

” Don’t see someone’s gender or religion before reacting,

If we are living in one country, then we are equal.

Look at our ancestors, they had sacrificed everything for our today, and for our freedom..

For their sake, just sacrifice these differences,

Coz’ we were together, and are equal.. ”


  1. ΞnigmaAugust 3, 2017

    Profound post.

    I understand what you want to convey and it’s commendable. But rarely people pay heed to such things ( like our explanations and messages).
    So let me present the same scenario in their perspective : You said our ancestors. Aren’t they the ones who started the labeling, the gender, caste and whatnot. The reason for me to point this out is that most people today are merely following the same ideology. Freedom fighting, sacrifice are long gone from our minds. But this classification is what still prevalent these days. And it is very easy for people to bring this up in a debate (which is usually backtracking, abuses and whatnot) because that is how they consider superior to others. Pretty cheap trick but seems to work everytime, enraging the samaritans like us.

    1. prenikaAugust 3, 2017

      Well said!!
      One thing i want to say that although our ancestors had started this caste and creed. But when the matter was our freedom fight, all the people had fought together. And this is the history of every country.
      If we can forget all the so called barriers in that phase of time. Then why can’t we vanish these barriers for ever!! And this is what we all want from our bottom of heart!!

      1. ΞnigmaAugust 3, 2017

        That is exactly what I was telling. People seem to have forgotten about all that freedom struggle and how the nation united as one.

        I guess people just can’t seem to remove that barrier, may be it is a status thing or for oppressing or what-ever-it-might-be, the fact that we are still labeling is a very sad thing. Recently, the news said “2nd Dalit President of India”, instead of “14th President of India”. Is it that we can’t help ourselves or what, I don’t know, but this is exactly what needs to change.

        1. prenikaAugust 4, 2017

          U r right!!
          These barriers can later on lead to great disaster also. What we can do is to try to bring small changes around us. We don’t have power to change the whole world in once. But taking small steps can surely do something better. As a blogger, we can spread this good message with everyone. So as an individual, whatever we can do is worth for all!!

          1. ΞnigmaAugust 4, 2017

            That great disaster is already in place. There is just downhill from there.

            I really hope that brings about the change. Because I had been writing for 5 years and been repeating the same thing over and over again, and I am still continue to write. And I don’t see a change, if there is anything it has ripened and worsened the already existing messed up norms.
            As an individual- doesn’t have as much impact compared to a collective group.

          2. prenikaAugust 4, 2017

            Individual impact is slow and cannot bring change in lesser time. But i am sure something good will happen later. Don’t lose hope 👍

          3. ΞnigmaAugust 4, 2017

            I am glad to know that you believe so. 👍🏻
            I am not.

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