#Learning quote: 4

Always be honest in your opinion. Sometimes you are asked for feedbacks or replies for others performance. At that time, if you answer honestly and courageously, considering others emotions, you will win in front of yourself!

It is certain that after taking care of everything, your reply or feedback can hurt others. They can react or provoke directly or indirectly.

If you are fair, don’t ever bend down. You can regret in that situation, but fairly stick to your words.

In your life, you may be criticized. You may be humiliated, just because you said true which is difficult to digest for any front person. After all, Truth is always bitter!!

So always learn to give honest and humble opinions to others. Its their choice to either react to it aggressively due to ego issues, or learn from it..

9 thoughts on “#Learning quote: 4

  1. Hmm, that’s well said, Prenika,
    BTW what is your view about negativity? Or those who spill negativity.

    • Umm negativity is one person’s perception about any situation.
      If someone is spilling negativity, then we have to deal it with our own perception.
      If you see that negativity as good, then accept. Otherwise neglect it clearly.