Know your strengths.. 

Everyone is genius  :- Albert Einstein 


I had come through my people who are struggling to make things right what they are doing. But things don’t work out because they don’t know their strengths. This is serious problem. They do what others especially friends and Family are saying. I would say that in one way they are like sheeps moving in groups. Where their group is going, they are going. Many times, this groups also leads to slaughter house. 

We all are unique in ourselves. What i am having is not held by many others. What others are having is not held by me. That’s the simple rule of life.

Moving where others are moving can be so relieving and safe. But who knows where this group will lead you and where!

Sometimes its much better to become a lion so that you lead your group in better direction. Become a leader so that you save your and others efforts in things which cannot going to work. 

Sometimes things can occur when you know you are right, doing what you wants to do is right. But you are unable to control others direction due to any reason. Maybe they don’t accept you as leader or they just think they are right. In that situation, don’t adopt their direction if you think that is wrong. If you think your decision would be much wiser then others. Then its better to be like a wolf and just walk alone. I know its very difficult to walk alone sometimes because we are social animal. But for the sake of righteousness and your self-respect, its best to walk alone. 

Well in conclusion, if you know your strengths, then believe it, trust it. 

If you don’t know your strengths, then first find out what is best in you. You will surely encounter many situations where you will realize your strengths. Its important to accept what you have and then what you can do with the help of it. 

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