Power of money

I have a question: Can we buy everything from money??

Many times we hear that money can’t happiness,

can’t buy love,

Can’t buy peace.

But still money can give us source of happiness: as a son/daughter, remember when you got first salary, remember how you and your family felt??

When you had gifted your love in his/her birthday or valentine day from money you earned. Remember how you and your love felt??

Imagine you had worked hard for a year and earned enough money and brought a small home away from city life. I am sure that would give you some peace!!

Every thing have some advantage. And the biggest advantage about money is: It is very powerful Too much powerful to be handled by everyone.

That’s why very few people in the world are called The richest people on the earth.

Not everyone is rich in this world. Reason is not our destiny. But the way we deal with our money.

Earning money is not too difficult now, but retaining and controlling ourself is much more difficult.

I want to ensure that everyone can be richest person in this world!!

So spend your treasure wisely.

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