Business and women

For me, business is an exciting thing to try in future. In fact, i am planning to start something new, which can turn a good source of revenue in future. However as i always say ‘for earning money, you have to spend some’.

Business is an exciting and risky task. But most of the people find it only risky, and thereby ignore it. But by proper planning and good guidance, anyone can successfully run a business.

Women today are taking golden steps in growing any nation’s economy. They are taking active role in almost every field.

Now lets combine and relate business and women. There are many women entrepreneurs today who are working very well today. But still this number should increase.

Today every women should take inspirations from the business women, who are managing their million dollar empires and family together.

Lets take few examples, like,

1. Mary Barra – CEO of General Motors
Company revenues (Millions $) 2014: 155,929
Company profits (Millions $) 2014: 3,949

2. Indra Nooyi – CEO and Chairperson of PepsiCo
Company revenues (Millions $) 2014: 66,683
Company profits (Millions $) 2014: 6,513

3. Ginni Rometty – CEO, Chairman, and President of IBM
Company revenues (Millions $) 2014: 92,793
Company profits (Millions $) 2014: 12,022

4. Marillyn Hewson – CEO, Chairman, and President of Lockheed Martin
Company revenues (Millions $) 2014: 45,600
Company profits (Millions $) 2014: 3,614

5. Ellen Kullman – CEO and Chairman of DuPont
Company revenues (Millions $) 2014: 36,046
Company profits (Millions $) 2014: 3,625

6. Abigail Johnson – CEO and President of Fidelity Investments
Company revenues (Millions $) 2014: 14,900
Company profits (Millions $) 2014: –

7. Meg Whitman – CEO, Chairman and President of Hewlett Packard
Company revenues (Millions $) 2014: 111,454
Company profits (Millions $) 2014: 5,013

8. Sheryl Sandberg – COO of Facebook
Company revenues (Millions $) 2014: 12,466
Company profits (Millions $) 2014: 2,940

9. Irene Rosenfeld – CEO and Chairman of Mondelez International
Company revenues (Millions $) 2014: 34,244
Company profits (Millions $) 2014: 2,184

10. Phebe Novakovic – CEO and Chairman of General Dynamics
Company revenues (Millions $) 2014: 30,852
Company profits (Millions $) 2014: 2,533

These are some of the richest women entrepreneurs of world.

And this list is endless…

Because today women are craving out every possible opportunity to become successful. They are breaking the so called chains of rigidity.

So my message to all the girls and women out there,

Think big and you will become big!!

Take every opportunity available and become what you want to be!:-)

All the best!!

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