Education for upliftment!

EDUCATION is a diverse area. Today education is not only meant for good job, but also helps in leading a good and peaceful life. It makes us aware about what changes we need around us, so as to break the chains of rigidity.
Unfortunately there are many misconceptions around us.

One is Reservation system of our country. This is claiming to change the conditions of lower classes. Although this is going in wrong direction. When our country got its freedom, then there was the thick roots of discrimination in the society. The lower classes were treated badly. So the reservation system came in light. This was needed thing for changing the situation, and it was successful. But today there is no discrimination in society, like that in past.

India is successful just because of the awareness of educated people. Today we don’t make friends or make business deals by considering other’s caste. All the credit goes to education.

Next issue is empowerment of women. Well this is not like a issue, because it is not apparent to world. Today the situation of world is that everyone are getting education. Parents wants their kids to get best education. They celebrate when a girl child is born. They makes her educated. But what after it??

My family is not too liberal. So most of the girls of my family are married as soon as their education is over. My one of cousin sister, who is 2 months younger than me, is engaged. Her graduation is not yet completed. But everyone wants her to stay in the home and do only household work. But I know she can do more than that. Only thing required is to get chance to explore the world by education.

A girl should also get chance to see the world. She should also get enough time to work and learn before marriage. Even after marriage, a women should not be underestimated if she wants to continue her work.

Education should be seen as a tool for upliftment.

Education is a powerful way to create way for changing world.

Education should be separated everywhere, not as an option.

Exploration and application of knowledge is everyone’s right.

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