Dealing with reactions!

I used to be curious for sharing my vision with others. I like it to be secret till it achieves. Reason being I am afraid that by sharing it, I can get deviated. People have better reaction than my actions. They are good speakers, but least listeners. They will tell you more reasons for not acting on your toe than your reason for doing so.

May be I am not a good speaker. I cannot explain well to people who don’t consider me right. They knows me better, they knows how to make me wrong, or innocent, when I know I am acting mature.

In this world, a person is considered mature when he knows how to mould and present the facts. That’s what everybody demands.

I think there is nothing wrong in this, this is great art. When we know this world is filled with good speakers and reactors, then it’s worth to be little diplomat.

Means to act in such a manner that we present the fact, still lays a suspense in words. Let others think twice!

However being diplomat requires to take care of certain issues. One of such issue is to bypass from your emotions or feelings. When you are feeling full of emotions, still you want to be strong and rigid. You know that it’s a war, and you need to give your 100%, by not being weak and victim. You need to control your feelings.

There is a quote saying:- Respond, not react!!

We know world is filled with good reactors. They feel jealous on your acts. So they react. It’s common.

But when you are in competitive world, then this reaction can pay as well. So it’s required to respond, rather react. Response is also called proactive behaviour.

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Means you are counterattacking upon someone’s action. But showing that you are not jealous, rather you are a good competitor. You will make your ways to deal with your rival, rather just sit and criticize them.

At last it’s good to work silently. Keeping your plans in dark can make anyone tempted to know you and your acts. This can create your good companions later!