Live Empty!

There is a thin line between need and greed. This is not primarily mean only money. There can be anything like fame, power, success, and so on.

    If we need something, which is actually ‘needed’ to us, then it is just our need! Means anything which can satisfy our basic goals are only our need. Anything above our basic goals are called as greed. This greed can not satisfy us, just makes us restless, and sometimes depressed.

    Basic needs cannot be misunderstood as food, clothing and house. If you want to earn lot of money, and you have good sort of understanding about this need, then go for it!

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    But today the desires of a man had made his need and greed so interwined that it’s so difficult to clearly see through the actual problem.

    This problem have a solution, which is actually a practice for anyone. Just spend a day without spending excessive money. Don’t spend your time in mobile phones, and try to do all your work on your own.

    You will feel the difference! You will realize that you are so relaxed, as compared to other days when you are handling your luxuries in your shoulders. This will tell the difference of need and greed.

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    Just empty your mind! Take out all your junk thoughts, desires from mind and live in satiety!


    1. talktoabbyDecember 14, 2017

      so true!

    2. ashtondemontDecember 15, 2017

      I agree! it’s sop important to know the difference between need and greed

      1. prenikaDecember 15, 2017


    3. funnyfingersblogDecember 15, 2017

      Need vs greed… surely the burning problem of three days…. thin line dividing them n we all falter…

      1. prenikaDecember 15, 2017


    4. funnyfingersblogDecember 15, 2017



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