How to get good ideas?

Now-a-days people often complaints about lack of ideas to start blogging or business. This is very common as I had also faced the same thing when I had started a blog. I was striving for a good idea when I had to write my first blog.

The fact is in our life, we will always get many ideas. But at the same time, we will find our self lack of ideas.
So I thought to write about this topic to guide my all friends and budding entrepreneurs for a good and ever- lasting idea. So keep reading this till end…

Firstly you should always remember that no person in this world is ever lack with ideas. Ideas will always swirl around your mind. The only thing required to do is EXECUTE IT!!

Because the idea once came and not used for your purpose will get blurred in your mind after sometime.

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One thing you should do to avoid it is to write it down somewhere. This will let you remind of your idea later on when you are ready to execute it. But remember: Always write few key points to remember it. Don’t just write one one heading or line. This could also be forgotten later on.

Secondly keep your priorities ahead of your idea to make it qualify as per your needs. Make a list of your few priorities to make your task easy. Some of the key points are:

  • Your aim or vision of life. In simpler words, how do you see yourself after few years?
  • Your finance sources. It is recommended to not to choose an expensive model of business at beginning. Start at small scale to avoid excessive losses.

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  • Your qualifications on certain field. This means if you are an engineer or management student. Then it’s safe to use your knowledge at most in your business.
  • Your field of interest. Even if you are an engineer or management student. You can also have your separate interests, like singing, dancing, etc. If you want to go with your interest in future, then why not!

Use your knowledge and passion in one direction. And explore new ideas that will suite both these criteria!

  • Partners of your start-up! In order to create a good and happy start of your business, the respective idea should be agreed by your partners also.
  • Other resources required. Other than money, there are many other things required like, employees, raw materials or equipments, and most importantly, end-users. Your customers demand, market situations, your competitiors, their products, etc. Means you need to study the economical aspects to proceed with your work.

This list doesn’t end. You can add more as per your requirements. But keep in mind these factors to search new ideas.

Business is a serious work, and should be your ideas!

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