Are you a Multi- tasker??

While doing my studies, I just remembered to complete my project report.

“Oh boy! That’s important.” So left my studies to complete it. Suddenly heard my mom’s voice.

“Dinner is ready. Everybody come to have it!” She said.

Now what? I carried my books to dining table and ate my food along with studying books.

“I will complete my project after my dinner.” I thought. But yelled by seeing everyone around me, as they were seeing me with exclamation…

This is a small situation when you are trying to be multi-tasker, but also creating mess around the work. Being a multi-tasker is no bad, only if you are a good time-manager.

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Multi-Tasking means doing many kinds of work at the same time. But I will simply deny this, as according to me multitasking should mean managing many kinds of work together.

Our brain is very complex. Even today also, scientists are trying to figure out the exact manner of brain’s working. But it’s quite difficult because every person have different type of brain. So any time a different personality would come ahead with totally different brain!

Sometimes when you are striving to do many things together, then there is a possibly that you may get confused or began to forget little details of your work, and most common issue, i.e, you becomes tired.

Its always good to think before you do any work. Means try to find out every aspects of that work to decide its priority.

I want to share you certain factors which are important to keep in mind:

  • Deadline of work, if any.
  • Importance of work to you.
  • Number of other pending jobs with you.
  • Amount of time required to complete that work, etc.

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    To perform multitasking, or I can say to manage your work, you need to consider the above mentioned points and thereby plan your work timings and sequence.

    The most priority-work should be done earlier. But if it is time-consuming, then if possible, divide the whole work in time slots.

    Like if that work needs 3 hours, then divide it in two or three slots of 1.5 or 1 hour each. In between these slots, do any unimportant or quick jobs. This will lighten your heavy shoulders!

    Its always advisable to be relax so as to complete your work with efficiency. But if you carry all the work together on your head and try to pull everything down together, then surely something would crack!