Creating an effective communication!

Communication consists of two parties, speaker and listener. Usually people pays lot of attention on becoming a good speaker. They put more stress on voice, speech and pitch levels. These are very important points on becoming a good speaker. Although I would say it as one-sided.
To be a good speaker, its important to be a good listener also. We have two ears and one mouth. So seek attention upon your listening skills as most of the people are still lacking behind it.

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A person who speaks more and listens less are often called impatient. On the other hand, any person who listens more and speaks less are criticised as plain or introvert.

Both these situations are not fit for an effective communication. Anyone having such symptoms should improve it as soon as possible.

Ideally Effective Communication refers to two way information sharing process which involves one party sending a message that is easily understood by the receiving party.

This is only possible when a speaker understands the mood and nature of listeners, and listeners listens everything with full concentration.

Effective communication is always two-sided, means both speaker and listener interact with each other, and creates an healthy environment.

I also took part in many debates and speech competitions in past, but never won in any. But after my speech, many people would come to appreciate me and always says one line “Your words were absolutely right. We understood everything.” And this is the best award I got from my listeners. This is everything for me.

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I always put my effort to speak or write clearly so that others can think about it and interpret as well.

But many times, I used to see other people who are speaking very well. But still their words are not espoused by audience. Reason being there are lot of communication barriers. Maybe listeners are not active. Maybe faults are on the part of speaker. It may be language difference also.

So before conducting anything, always look upon these critical issues, means the communication barriers. Analyse your audience, their level of knowledge, languages they know,etc. Listeners should also remain focused to admire the good content and also give the feedbacks to support the speaker.

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By these ways, we create an effective communication.👍

Don’t forget to share and comment below for any query to convert this communication as effective one!

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