How mental health is important for your kids?

Today I read the news where a girl of 7th standard had attacked a 1st standard boy with knief in school. Similar case happened some days before where a 11th standard boy had killed a 1st standard boy in school. The reason behind it is to get holidays in school and extension of exam dates.

Many would find it wrong teachings or company or may find it as wrong habits of accused. But the case is more serious..

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Even in this modern world, people used to be feel hesitated to go to psychiatrist. Any person having depression or stress are often referred as psycho or crazy.

This should be made clear by everyone that just like anyone can have cold or flu, one can have mental illness also.

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The incidents I just referred above are clear signs of mental stress or serious mental disorder. The behind scene of every crime is framed by a particular mindset. And this mindset is created from many sad and unusual experiences.

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A child psychology is must to be learned by everyone. A child, right from birth should be given a good and interactive environment. This is the responsibility of parents to make their children as priority.

Stress is not meant for a particular age or group. This can be affected to anyone, even to a small child. Parents and elders should understand that any incident relating to that child can affect him/her in which level.

Along with parents, teachers should also obey their duties towards their students. They are responsible for tracking their kids’ activities.

Children should also learn to communicate their feelings with their elders. If not possible, then kids should convey their feelings by writing regularly. And not just kids, any age person should write their feelings in their diary. It is found that while writing, several nerve points in hand are activated, while activates the mind senses in right way.

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Anyone can get angry, it’s totally normal. But when fire breaks out for disaster, then nothing is normal. There are several methods for controlling anger. One of the best method is yoga. Kids should also be encouraged to follow yoga and breathing exercises for relaxing mind.

Lastly every elder should that world is changing. This change is accompanying with new thoughts in every person’s mind.

If Old Is Gold, then New Is Also The Unrefined Diamond.

The real shine is found when this diamond is processed. So any new thing moving around us should be processed by our calculative mind. So Our mind should be healthy as well to perform this task. This will build your good future!👍