How to make Perfect notes??

For many students, preparing notes are often regarded as hectic job. Well if i honestly speak, it is indeed a tough job. Preparing notes are time-taking at beginning, specially when it is made by self. But believe me, later it will make your studies easier!

Today i want to share you some tips for preparing excellent notes that will help you crack any exam!!

  • First job is to take a look at the entire content of book, for an instance, read entire chapter and mark or highlight the key words or lines.

Above picture is an example of how to mark the important lines in the chapter. Remember: You can’t cram the entire chapter. So do SMART JOB!

  • Next thing to do is to arrange the good stationery. Here i mean is get a exact thickness of notebook(so that your maximum notes can be compiled at one place), colourful pens(if you wish),etc.

The notes should be just like a decorated card or album. It shouldn’t look boring at second or consecutive times. Also the notes should be well-maintained to maintain its longevity. Arrange colourful notebooks for different subjects to make it interesting for you.

Have some colourful notebooks to develop the interest in making notes

  • Now the main job, TO WRITE NOTES. Arranging colourful registers are not enough, filling it entirely is also necessary. For this, there are many points to be remembered by every student:
  1. On first page, write number of topics or chapters. Against each one, you can mention their weightage, or the page number of each chapter of the notebook.
  2. Now begin with the chapter. Write the heading in a beautiful manner. If you wish, use colour pens.
  3. Then start writing the notes with the sub-heads of each topic. Before this, do a small analysis of the chapter. Like, subject is Geography and chapter name is Natural Vegatation and Wildlife. So there are types of vegetation in this chapter like tropical rain forest, tropical decidious forest,etc. So the notes can be prepared as types of vegatation as Sub-head and write points in simple words for each vegatation. This is the simple way to do compilation of entire chapter.
  4. Another way to prepare the notes can be by making small charts for entire topic. This is extra short type of note and are suitable if prepared along with detailed notes. This is the best way to revise before exams.
Chart style notes

The above chart is made by me when i used to study. These are fun to make and easy to understand and remember. Use your creativity to prepare it.

  • Remember to keep your handwriting as clean and tidy as possible. These notes are to be used till your examination.
  • Charts can be prepared seperately in different notebook or can be prepared as summary of entire chapter when you finish writing the notes of one chapter. Be an Author of your notes!
  • Notes are time-consuming to make. So its better to make your notes when your new session or class is started. Means study simultaneously from beginning. Notes are multi-beneficial!

Although charts are much time saving and can be made in the mid-session to strenghten the grip of your topic.

So make the habit to make charts regularly and be a winner!!